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I believe that human beings are strong and resilient, but also are creatures of habit. No matter what the challenges we currently face, we can use our naturally given strengths and resources to move through difficult experiences. Together, we will work with your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to shape difficult experiences into your desired outcome. We will work toward acceptance of realities that cannot change, while learning effective and positive ways of meeting your goals. We will modify problematic ways of feeling and behaving, develop effective communication in all relationships, and successfully navigate through life's many transitions.

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No matter what you want to change in life, I can help you navigate your way through. If you are committed to your personal growth, you are open to new perspectives, and you are ready for things to be different, then coaching is a way to help you achieve your desired results


In my work with couples, I strive to know each person well, to understand what challenges and distortions are brought into the relationship, and to foster an open and collaborative dynamic. This structure does not leave room for blame, which is hurtful and counter to the development of nurturing, bonded

Postpartum Depression

The processes of infertility, pregnancy loss, or struggling with the decisions of third party carriers can often leave people feeling strained and exhausted. The medicalization of infertility has unwittingly led to a disregard for the emotional responses that couples experience


Family therapy is designed to be a safe place to help you to learn or relearn healthy patterns of behavior. You will work to end the repetition of unhealthy ways of being within a family. You will learn how to effectively and lovingly communicate within your family

Additional Topics

Eating Disorders

Research currently shows that eating disorders and struggles around consistent healthful eating are becoming more and more common for many Americans. Unfortunately, these challenges also seem to be affecting younger and younger children and adolescents.  Whether the tendency is to purge, starve, or emotionally overeat it is critical to understand how your behaviors are triggered by poor eating habits, emotional and psychological cues (depression, anxiety and stress) and genetics.  In order to change your behavior with food, you first need to change your relationship with the ways in which you think about and respond to food in your everyday life.

Psychologist in Manhasset

In these turbulent times, so many appear successful on the outside but are crying on the inside. Are you fortunate in so many ways yet feel sad and empty? Now is the time to speak with a professional Psychologist in Manhasset. I can help. Together we will develop a plan and set goals that meet your needs.