Dr. Kristin Schaefer-Schiumo| Manhasset NY


Child/Adolescent and Parent Centered Therapy in Manhasset

Are You...

  • Struggling to remain connected to your children?
  • Working to improve and strengthen the communication within your family?
  • Longing to achieve a balance between work demands and the needs of your children?
  • Coping with the pressures put on children to succeed academically, socially and athletically?
  • Struggling to respond positively and effectively to your children's unwanted or self-sabotaging behaviors?

If you answer yes to ANY ONE of the above questions, you may wish to consider speaking with me. I can help you improve your life!

Often, children, adolescents and adults feel overwhelmed by the pressures put on them to succeed in today's world. As society demands more of us in order to achieve financial, educational, and professional success, families seem to be paying a heavy price. Children and adolescents struggle with issues ranging from interrupted bonding (as au pairs, nannies and other forms of childcare have become a necessity), poor communication skills, and increased stress and anxiety around academic and social expectations. More and more, parents are turning to school districts to assist. Schools, in turn, are realizing that these tremendous pressures are taking a serious toll on children and adolescents' overall health and well-being. In order to begin working toward meaningful change, we must first identify who has the problem. Is it your child/adolescents behaviors or reactions to their circumstances, the way in which you respond to your child, the intervention or lack thereof on the part of the school, or a combination of all of the above? I have long-standing, extensive experience working with both public and private schools on Long Island. As a consultant and psychologist, I help individuals, families and organizations navigate life's challenges, and gain the tools needed to manage personal and professional issues, ensuring overall life success.

Positivity and Self-Awareness

I believe that a positive approach toward children and adolescents leads to the development of individuals who are open and stronger academically, emotionally and behaviorally. Discussions focused on personal and educational strengths or on "what went well today," lead to children and adolescents who are open to learning new things, motivated, and able to self-advocate. In order to become truly successful over a lifetime, each of us must work to improve and strengthen our self-awareness. I work with children, adolescents and adults alike to expand the breadth of self-understanding, coming to know your own strengths, your unique ways of learning, and areas in need of improvement or change. Expanded self-awareness helps each of us to more successfully learn and navigate through life. Through a therapeutic approach that targets the building of self-esteem, discipline and mutual caring, children and adolescents are encouraged to develop this self-awareness and come to realize that they do have control over the success of their educational, professional and interpersonal experiences.

Parenting Groups for Mothers

Being a mother, wife and a modern woman often is quite a challenging task. You strive to be an effective mother so that your children can develop successfully; you work to help them have a positive sense of self, be productive academically, grow socially and be emotionally secure. At the same time, you want and deserve a satisfying marital relationship that also requires a commitment of time and energy to develop and maintain, one in which both partners feel nurtured and cared for. As you move through this journey of wife and mother it is likely you also feel the pull to develop as an individual or professional. Working to balance the demands of these, at times, competing roles can be stressful and overwhelming. Please come join other mothers to discuss effective parenting and the related need for consistent and compassionate self-care. You will learn how to listen effectively, communicate directly, and set and maintain developmentally appropriate boundaries with family members. Together we will explore how to bring more peace and mindfulness into your life through the use of relaxation strategies, positive self-talk, and the identification of meaningful and attainable short-term goals.

Parenting Groups for Parents of Teens

Being the parent of a teenage requires a tremendous amount of patience and consistency. During this time, many teenagers strive to assert their independence safety and development. As parents, we look to support this developmentally appropriate need while simultaneously providing a continued structure that allows for both safety the development of self-esteem. Research shows that the frontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls judgment, foresight, planning and the control of impulses, does not fully develop until the age of about 25. So, we are left with a biological explanation for the impulsive and out of control behaviors at times exhibited by teenagers at precisely the time they strive for independence. How do we as parents succeed in helping our teenagers develop in an orderly and disciplined manner, becoming productive, happy and caring young adults? These critical questions will be explored while also addressing your personal concerns about your teenagers. This group will allow you to process your thoughts, feelings and actions to help you parent more effectively and lovingly. This group will run for eight weeks.