Dr. Kristin Schaefer-Schiumo| Manhasset NY

Family First

As we wind down this wonderful and often hectic holiday season, I thought it time to discuss the importance of family. I hope you enjoy the following parable: There was a young boy whose father worked very hard. One night, when the father returned home from work, the boy asked, "Daddy how much do you make an hour?" "Why do you ask me that...stop pestering me and go to sleep," his father said. But the boy kept asking.."please Daddy it's very important." Finally, his father replied," I make $20 an hour." "Daddy," the boy replied,"can I borrow $10? It's very important." As his father handed him $10, the boy ran into his room and pulled another $10 from under his pillow. "Daddy!" He exclaimed," Now I have enough money!! Daddy, please sell me an hour of your time." DADDY, PLEASE SELL ME AN HOUR OF YOUR TIME... How often have you felt a tension between your personal life and your public life? Your personal life represents family life and your public life professional demands. For many of us, professional responsibilities take increasing amounts of our time, attention and energy. Family challenges are not addressed and children's needs are poorly met at best. As you welcome in 2015, take some time out everyday to connect with, talk with and help your children, spouse, partner or other family members Please feel free to check this site regularly, as I will be posting strategies to assist you in achieving this goal. Happy New Year!