Dr. Kristin Schaefer-Schiumo| Manhasset NY

Take That First Step.....Just Show Up!

It is truly amazing to consider, for just a moment, the amazing impact that showing up can have on your life. Show up for whatever it is.....that meeting for work, time with your children, or time with yourself. If you can just show up, you open yourself up to the possibilities, for unfolding to occur, and for the unknown to become known.
Showing up means that you don't have to know all the answers, don't need the roadmap laid out in front of you, and don't need to hold the answers to the rest of your life's mysteries RIGHT NOW! If you wait for all of the answers, wait until your "prefect plan" is devised before you truly live, you will find that you are stuck. In fact, waiting for perfection is in itself unnatural. You will probably notice a freezing or a holding in your body...perhaps a tightening in the chest or stomach, a churning of thoughts in your mind that prevent you from gently moving forward and seeing what could be.
So instead, practice letting go. Practice letting go of what you have no control over anyway. Join me in the process of just showing up. Commit to letting the unknown become known without pushing or racing toward a specific outcome. For you this might mean spending time with a friend, putting time aside for meditation or mindful breath, or taking a much needed walk.
It really does not matter what you do.....just commit to simply showing up!