Dr. Kristin Schaefer-Schiumo| Manhasset NY

Confidence and Fear?

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself,"that's quite a strange title."... But hear me out. How often have you wanted to make a change or try something new, whether in your personal or professional life? But, then self-doubt creeps in. You may feel as if people won't like what you do, or that you lack the knowledge or training to do it. In reality, none of that is so. It it is true that when we take on bigger challenges, we have to deal with self-doubt or a lack of confidence. When was the last time you were frightened to do something but did it in a responsible way anyway? If you haven't done something scary recently, perhaps you're playing it too safe? Many people believe that they cannot, or should not, take action until they feel confident. BUT, in reality, success does not come from confidence. Confidence comes AFTER taking action and achieving success.